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Kate Fox Wildlife Photographe and Environmental Journalist
Kate Fox diving with endangered Green Turtle in Port Ghalib, Egypt.

I feel the days of ignoring the tragedy behind beautiful one-dimensional wildlife photos are over.  Conservation photography roots out the brutal challenges that our wildlife faces and combined with my writing seeks to provide leverage for change.  Specialities include the illegal wildlife trade, wildlife crime, farming and marine exploitation.


To encourage children to protect, promote or participate in the natural environment I have initiated Project Inspire.  I am interviewing people already in the industry to give kids an idea of what their jobs entail and how to achieve them.  This environmental careers advice tool is then published regularly on Youtube.  I also work as a STEM Ambassador to raise the profile of science. 












My somewhat feral upbringing on a farm in Suffolk clearly shaped my knowledge, love of the natural world and a desire to effect change.  It was a shamelessly Gerald Durrell childhood with hamsters in the doll's house, rabbits in the pram and newts in my basin.  This unconventional life meant I wasn't burdened by modern-day thinking that sees animals as slimy, creepy or disgusting.  A good start for all conservationists! 


Driven to make a significant environmental change for the better I determined to combine my love of photography with writing.  I read Environmental Studies at the OU and achieved a First Class BSc Hons degree.  A proud moment as I achieved this whilst raising my two daughters alone and required bucket loads of passion and drive.   



Kate Fox Conservation Photographer
Kate Fox - Conservation Photographer and Environmental Writer
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