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Shaping Future Environmental protectors

What is the objective of Project Inspire?

The objective of Project Inspire is to encourage secondary school children to pursue careers that promote, protect or allow them to participate in the natural environment.

How does Project Inspire work?

People already working in the environmental sector will be interviewed to provide first-hand knowledge about what their job entails and how to achieve it.  These detailed career guidance interviews will then be published regularly on Youtube.

Who will be interviewed?

Interviewees will be as diverse as possible ranging from those who participate in the environment such as ecologists, marine biologists and wildlife photographers to those who promote or protect the environment such as MPs, publishers and wildlife crime officers.  

Your future self will thank you for!

Do Something Today that your  

    How to Become A      Community Farm education Coordinator

Saje Hancock

Community Farm Education Coordinator




A Day in the Life

Ever wondered what a Community Farm Education Coordinator really does on a day to day basis or how this career path protects, promotes or allows you to work in the natural environment? Join Saje Hancock and find out how she is creating the environmental protectors of the future in her Project Inspire interview.





What are the qualifications you need to become a Community Farm Education Co-ordinator?  Join Saje in her Project Inspire interview and find out what GCSEs, A levels and Degree she took and how they helped her get her job.




Work Path

Ever wondered how a Community Farm Education Coordinator sets about getting work experience?  Join Saje in her Project Inspire interview and discover how she took her first work experience steps that enabled her to become a Community Farm Education Coordinator.






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